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Fearless and Trailblazing Maker of Films — YVR ScreenScene Interview

Karen Lam is a fearless and trailblazing maker of films that terrify and horrify. Her films include Evangeline, a feature about a naive college student who is brutalized by a gang of thrill-seeking killers and is then revived by an ancient demon spirit that empowers her with a blood-lust for vengeance – and the upcoming The Curse of Willow Song, which will bring the real-life horror show that’s the Vancouver housing crisis into the horror genre. Earlier this year, Karen premiered her short film Sandra Oh, Inspiration at the 2019 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala in Ottawa, where Sandra received the National Arts Centre Award. Karen’s film featured actors from traditionally marginalized communities inhabiting roles in live action tableaus inspired by A Clockwork Orange, Carrie, Gone With the Wind, and Star Wars: A New Hope. In this fascinating and at times irreverent interview, Karen talks about making scary films, growing up metal and Asian in small-town Manitoba, Sandra Oh, and being a living, breathing contradiction.

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