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VIFF 2020: Vancouver's Karen Lam wins B.C. film award

Vancouver filmmaker Karen Lam won a VIFF award for her supernatural thriller The Curse of Willow Song.

The Curse of Willow Song stood out for its memorable protagonist, its specificity in world building and, above all, its spirit of risk in storytelling. Lead actor Valerie Tian portrays the role of Willow with subtlety and strength and director Karen Lam effectively creates a noir-inspired mood that is simultaneously familiar and foreboding. Both funny and darkly serious, The Curse of Willow Song manages to captivate the viewer through stylized storytelling while tackling systemic racism and socioeconomic divides in Vancouver.

"Although we're only a few days into the 2020 edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival, which began on September 24, several Canadian filmmakers have already garnered awards." Read more of the article here.

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Zane D
Zane D
Jun 20, 2022

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