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A psychological thriller evocative of “Black Swan,” “Repulsion,” and “American Psycho,” STAINED leaves viewers asking — just how far you would go and what would you sacrifice for a friend obsessed and tormented by the past? Haunted by a dark secret she shares with best friend and foster sister Jennifer (Sonja Bennett), Isabelle (Tinsel Korey) struggles to hold her business, her loveless existence, and her sanity together as the stress of her failing bookshop and complete loneliness continue to mount. When her former lover “James” suddenly appears in her shop, she decides to chance another romantic relationship. Isabelle is convinced she can handle it, but Jennifer is worried…really worried. As the twists and turns of Isabelle’s present reveal and resurrect her history, paranoia sets in and she begins to dangerously unravel. To whom does Isabelle’s romance pose the greatest threat? With a distinctive penchant for the macabre and intrigue, Lam keeps the suspense going until the film’s spellbinding end.


Tinsel Korey 
Sonja Bennett 
Tim Fellingham 
Steph Song 
Anna Mae Routledge 
Stephen Lobo


Cannes Film Marche: Perspectives Canada Showcase — Cannes, FRA, 2010

The Indie Fest: Award of Merit — 2010

Shocker Fest Film Festival — 2010

All Things Horror Film Festival — 2011

HorrorQuest Film Festival — 2011

Stained -- movie trailer

Stained -- movie trailer

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“STAINED is as hauntingly beautiful as it is terrifyingly twisted. Karen Lam is undoubtedly one of the fiercest females in horror today. Lam and STAINED will steal your heart.”

— Liane Spiderbaby, Fangoria and Fright Bytes

“…watching Stained really felt like watching the maturation of a filmmaker. I expect big things from Lam in the future.”

— Entertainment Maven

“Tinsel Korey is both sexy and disturbing at the same time…”

— HorrorQuest Film Festival

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