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Yesterday I had my first photo shoot for a featured article. Thanks to the Vancouver Women in Film Festival and our esteemed publicist Tanya Tweten, I’m going to be the cover article for the West Ender. This will probably lead to comments about the relative pumpkin-ness of my head from my beloved maternal unit, but I digress.

After the comments last week regarding my “off-brand,” non-horror/Goth appearance, I was a little panicky about what to wear. Seriously, do I have to bust out the black wings? Luckily, I still had some props from “Doll Parts” clanking around in the trunk of my SUV.

The most interesting thing about being photographed for a feature article is that the photos have to serve a purpose, more than you looking decent. It’s about the needs of the newspaper, the editor’s wishes (“sexy, creepy, cool, fun!”), the article, and then finally, You The Brand. Holding your head upright is a stronger look than tilted. That position is a more dominant position than that one. Smile or no smile. What conveys the essence of you as A Director?

Sometimes I wonder if male directors have the same issues. Is it merely, corporate or casual? Or if they’re balding, baseball cap or no baseball cap? Inquiring minds want to know!

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