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The Curse of Willow Song – OFFICIAL TRAILER

"The Curse of Willow Song" (2020), starring Valerie Tien, Elfina Luck, Ingrid Nilson and Adam Lolacher. Written and Directed by Karen Lam, produced by Karen Wong and Karen Lam.

Synopsis: A young Asian woman is released from prison must chose between her dangerous new life on the streets, or her former gang life and the nightmares of her haunted mind.

Trailer Editor: Ashley Lynch (Gingerbreadgirl Post)

Starring: Valerie Tien (Juno), Elfina Luk (Skyscraper), Ingrid Nilson, and Ada Lolacher

Writer/Director: Karen Lam

Producers: Karen Wong and Karen Lam

DOP: Thomas Billingsley

Editor: Jeanne Slater

Composer: Patric Caird

Production Designer: Darryll Doucette

Distributor: Uncork'd Entertainment

© Opiate Pictures Inc, 2020

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