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Updated: Oct 17, 2018

After four days in an unheated warehouse studio (Terminal City), I can finally feel my feet again (thank you Mark’s Work Warehouse.)  Thrilled to be working with a 99% BC-cast and crew — and now I know why everyone wants to shoot here.  Much as my ego would love to say that I have something to do with how the film is turning out, the truth is that the talent on this film is just immense.  Actually, I have moments where I think I could get abducted by aliens, or just let a Bobblehead Me sit behind the monitor, and everything will turn out just fine.

Check out our imdb page to see who’s on board: see link here.

Special kudos to my partner in crime, “Other Karen” Wong, for working tirelessly in pulling this production together (for the last two years, reading every draft and listening to me whinge), so that I’m in a special bubble-pack of creative protection.  We’re starting our second week tomorrow, and I’m totally stoked.  I even bought myself a pair of Mom-jeans so I can layer all the thermal layers underneath.  Anna Wintour would not approve.  Hell, I don’t even approve but have learned the hard way that you can’t direct if your teeth are chattering.

!!Thirteen more days — woot!

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