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We just finished week 2, and my brain is currently gone to mush.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to write all those night scenes in should really rethink her decision on the next feature. 

We started Monday at the famous Bleiberger farm in North Langley, BC, in an unheated shack behind the main farmhouse.  Was it gorgeous in the Valley? Yes, it was.  Were my feet frozen? Darn tootin’, they were. And wet.

After two days, we moved to the woods behind Capilano University, where we’ll be starting next week, too. A couple of notes:

1) When you have an indie crew working for experience (and the goodness of their hearts), it’s really important to stay within 11 hrs, preferably 10.  It’s about solving problems, not causing them, while still getting the best work possible. Plus, my head would look terrible on a stake.

2) Why are there still mosquitoes in February in BC?  My feet tell me it’s winter and yet there they are, buzzing around like it’s June. I hate bugs.

3) You need warm feet.  ‘Nuff said.

Finally, a big thank you again to the cast and crew ever take every day on set a total joy. The material’s a wee bit dark, but that doesn’t mean the mood has be.

Group shot with Dejan Loyola, Madison Smith and Richard Harmon — the best psychopaths a director could ask for.

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