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I didn’t get much of a break this Christmas holiday, but thanks to my incredibly hard-working post production team, we’re at fine cut on the two short films we shot on the weekend of December 8-9, 2012:  “The Meeting” and “Stalled.”  I think the adage of how it isn’t work if you love what you do is absolutely true in that I simply adore this filmmaking job, and I’m blessed to be working with a pretty spectacular team on both films:  Kelly Morris (who’s editing The Meeting) and Jeanne Slater (who’s editing Stalled). 

AND I get to work with one of my favourite actors David Lewis, who also donned his writer/producer hat on “Stalled.”  That said, I’m not sure David was my biggest fan when I made him wrestle for about three hours after his hearty lunch of butter chicken

Oh, and here’s Simon, who David had to wrestle.

Am I grinning evilly?  You know it.

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