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My stint as series director on “Very Bad Men” is coming to an end (at least for the season), and I celebrated by filming two short films last weekend, on December 8 and 9th.  For anyone who has ever tried planning ONE short film, I have to say it was utterly ridiculous to attempt planning TWO for the same weekend, but it was only possible by having an incredible producing team in my corner:  Victoria Angell (who lives up to her name) didn’t sleep for the five days preceding and wore out two cel phone batteries.  And David Lewis, my dark muse/actor/producer and Boss Man, as the writer/actor/producer of the second short film. 

Imagine not having locations for either shoot until Friday afternoon, the day before we shot.  I don’t recommend this on a go-forward basis, and promise everyone that we’ll have more lead time for the feature. (Note: my fingers may be crossed behind my back.)

Coupled with my DP Michael Balfry, an incredible cast on both days, and an infallible crew, we managed to cover 11 pages on shoot 1 in 14 hours, and 7 pages (including action sequence and toddler, thanks Jay!) on the second shoot in 10 hrs.  And no 1st AD, or continuity either.  The latter could only be possible with my brave editors, Kelly Morris and Jeanne Slater, who both thankfully come from a doc background so don’t think the amount of footage (without circle takes) is insurmountable.

So, post friends, I’ll probably be calling in the next few weeks for favours…sorry.

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