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I woke up this morning to a fantastic email:  I am one of two participants invited to the Women in the Director’s Chair “Career Advancement Module” for 2012.  See program details here.

Despite my occasional grumblings and rants, I am grateful to this crazy industry, and for all the incredible support of my career mentors, this country, and my family, business partners, friends and peers.  Film and television only exists because of massive collaboration, and I know I wouldn’t have any of these incredible opportunities without a lot of help. 

In this time of massive economic turmoil, with all the hardships people around the world face, the fact that there still exists a deep-seated belief in Canada of the importance of nurturing artists (without a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy) is humbling.  Coupled with the extreme patience (and financial bail-outs) from my family and loved ones, I hope I can do them proud some day.  Onward, fellow comrades-behind-the-lens!

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